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Sex, Lies And Surveillance Part 2

‘Drill My Hole’ bring you the exciting hardcore second episode in this hot new series. It’s Big Brother watching you all over again. A rich hunky man with a beard owns, and designed all the apartments in the tenement block. He set it all up, not just to make even more money, but so that he could put in hidden cameras in every room of every apartment, sit back and jerk himself off as he watches fit horny men fuck each other no matter where they are. He is not just any a voyeur, he is the best. This thrilling episode starts off with a quick look at the voyeur as he sits back naked getting ready to watch another couple of men who have just moved in. He says they are not his type, but they fill him full of passion, sexually. He carries on to say that he has never known a couple to fuck so much, and in so many different positions. The video then goes to the couple that are being filmed. The hot and horny couple are Damian Crosse and newcomer Jalil Jafar.
Damian Crosse has short cropped brown hair with sexy brown eyes. He has a fit and hard body that comes from a lot of hard work at the gym. There is not an ounce of fat on him. He is five foot seven and weighs 180 pounds. He is versatile with a whopping big eight and a half inch uncut cock which has pierced a lot of tight ass holes in its time. He has been in twenty five hardcore flicks with Men.com so far which include ‘Sergeant’s Orders’ where he drills the ass off of Scott Carter as he bends him over onto his hands and knees. This was his first movie and has been seen by over 37,000 people.
Sex, Lies And Surveillance Part 2
We don’t know a lot about Jalil Jafar at the moment as this is his first, and certainly going to be his last, porn flick with Men.com. He has smoldering dark looks with brown ‘come to bed’ eyes. He has blonde hair and his muscular body is covered in it. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot seven and weighs 192 pounds. Watch him, you certainly won’t be disappointed.
Damian Crosse and Jalil Jafar are in their living room. They are kissing each other passionately. Damian Crosse takes the lead and gets down on his knees taking Jalil Jafar’s cock into his cock-sucking lips. Damian licks it up and down and then slaps it on his tongue a few times before he continues sucking it all the way to its blonde pubes. Jalil starts thrusting his hips backwards and forwards fucking Damian’s hot tight mouth.
Jalil quickly gets on his knees between Damian’s powerful thighs and taking all of his thick eight and a half inch cock between his lips. Damian grabs his head and starts to face fuck him with short sharp strokes.
Jalil gets Damian on to his hands and knees on their couch and gets behind him. Damian moans deeply with animal lust as Jalil gets his tongue stuck into his tight hairy asshole.
Their passion holds no bounds as Jalil now gets onto his knees and Damian stands behind him aiming his cock right at the center of Jalil’s twitching crack. With a quick hard thrust, Damian pierces his tight asshole and rides him hard and fast almost straightaway. They moan so loud that if I was a neighbour I would be stroking my cock in time to their sweet music.
They change positions a few times until they can’t hold back any longer. They take it turns as they stroke their hard dicks and don’t stop until they have sprayed their hot juicy cum over both their faces.
With cum dribbling down their faces they kiss and the camera that has been taping them clicks off.

Damien Crosse and Jessy Ares at The Gay Office

If only working at the office was like this every day. Today ‘The Gay Office’ brings you a great hardcore flick with the muscular kind of hairy men you usually only find in your dreams, in this case starring the very sexy Jessy Ares, and handsome hunk Damien Crosse.
Jessy Ares is a real handsome beefcake with a trimmed black beard. He is a versatile top with a seven and a half inch dick. He works out and has hair all over his powerfully built body. He has brown hair with matching gentle and kind eyes. He has been in fourteen hardcore movies with Men.com including ‘Sloppy interviewee’ where, still in his suit, he fucks the handsome Chris Tyler lying on his back over his desk. In ‘Bored In Bed’ he made sure that Jessie Colter would never be bored again. This man always leaves his men wanting more.

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Damien Crosse is a strapping man with tattoos and who also likes to work out. If you ever wanted someone to look like a bouncer, this is your man. He is versatile with an eight and a half inch uncut cock. He has short cropped brown hair and brown eyes, and has been in twenty four movies for Men.com. These include, ‘Unknown sex’ where he gets fucked doggy style by Maikel Cash and ‘The Stable’, where he fucks David Dirdman whilst still wearing his cowboy boots. If you want to see more great movies starring these two hunks, then sign on and sign in to, Men.com the site that guarantees you high quality movies, with hot and horny men all the time.
Damien Crosse and Jessy Ares
So, back to the movie: Jessy Ares is sitting at his office desk deep in thought. He needs to make more money, and let the staff have fun at the same time. He calls up Damien Crosse, the office maintenance man, to come and meet him. He asks him if he can bring some people in at nights, with discretion. Damien understands he means escorts. He’s not too sure if he can do the job, he is worried he will get the sack. Jessy stands up, persuading him the best way he can. He gives him a passionate kiss on his lips. Rubbing him between his legs, Jessy looks back and agree to his request, knowing full well what is on offer. As they caress each other’s chests, they begin to undo their shirts; Damien undoes Jessy’s pants and takes his cock into his mouth. Jessy looks stunning standing there with his shirt undone, his tie moved to one side, getting a wonderful blow job right there in his office.
The Gay Office
Jessy pulls Damien’s pants down and sits him on the arm of the chair. Hungry for his cock he licks and sucks it up and down as he plays with his ball sack. He hears Damien as he groans deeply, so he moves down, taking his ball sack into his wet mouth. The action heats up when Damien stands up and turns around. He puts one foot up on the chair and one foot on the ground as Jessy Ares spreads his ass cheeks wide apart and shoves his tongue deep into his hairy crack, licking it all over he gets it soaking wet, lubing it up nicely for his excited dick.
Staying bent over, Damien Crosse feels his wet crack open up further when he feels every inch Jessy’s hard dick as it ploughs right into his tight asshole. Jessy keeps his shirt and tie on as he pumps Damien full with his cock in various positions.
Damien Crosse and Jessy Ares
Damien eventually ends up on his knees between Jessy’s powerful, hairy thighs getting his waiting tongue and mouth covered in his sizzling hot Jizz. With more moans and groans of excitement, Damien Crosse carries on stroking on his own cock until shoots his cum over his firm muscular chest and washboard stomach.
The last sexy image is of Jessy Ares lying backwards on his office chair naked, except for the tie around his neck and his socks still on his feet as he makes a phone call. His thick cock still standing to attention with cum slowly dripping down its length…

Men Of Uk with

Men Of Uk maybe set to spearhead a new series of amazing hardcore porn movies. This one is entitled Repeat Offender ( Scene 1 ) giving the impression, that there will be more offerings related to this prime piece of hardcore video. It stars the extraordinarily hot twink from the Men.cm stable, Jay Roberts alongside veteran model Damien Crosse. Jay is light, tight, white meat with the perfect bubble butt. His on screen partner Damien is thick, dark, long, tall and hard with an 11 and 1/2 inch monster cock. No matter what your tastes, this interracial pair up is sure to please, so here’s a little of what Repeat Offender ( Scene 1 ) has in store.

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Pay Up ( Scene 1 ) begins at an institution for young male offenders, what a surprise! Jay is being processed at the jail by a huge guard, quite the manly bear indeed. Johny is told to strip off his orange colored attire and wash himself up. So the scene begins, as Jay Roberts strips delightfully out of his orange jail clothes and steps naked into a cold shower. Things take off, as the guard Damien begins doing the same and suddenly remembers. They have met before, under different circumstances…

The scene flashes back to Jay on his kness in a shower, but during a previous jail sentance. He is being punished, the punisher being Damien with a slowly growing thick cock. It hardens, as Jay takes it into his mouth and stretches his throat wide to accomidate it. Damien grasps at Jay’s hair, leveraging his face forward and back again, as his shaft repeatedly decends down the hot twink’s throat. Jay does everything he can to avoid gagging, as the huge dark cock invades his mouth wildly. Soon it becomes clear that Damien wants more than a blowjob from his submissive young prisoner, but waits until his cock is ready to start pounding Jay’s cute and capable ass. Damien stretches those young ass cheeks wide, then slaps them hard with his bare hands and playfully fingers Jay’s young hole. It is clear that these 2 are set to engage in some hot anal action.
For those who are eager to view this irresisitable hardcore for yourselves, I will refrain from giving away any further details. Lets just say, during this first scene is a full 15 minutes of cock sucking and ass pounding occurs, both inside and outside the shower stalls. Jay takes it from all angles in an amazing display of sexual acrobatic stunt work. Damien hammers him against the shower walls, lifting him off the ground and a number of other comprising positions. This scene reaches a level that few hardcore scenes ever achieve, you must see it for yourself.
Men Of Uk is as hot, hard, heavy and horny, as any porn movie today. It manages to push the boundaries of most traditional hardcore, being both innovative and professionally filmed. Repeat Offender is billed as the opening scene, but guarantees viewers much more coming from the creators of Men Of Uk.

Drill My Hole Fuck Scene With Abel Pozsar and Damien Crosse

Looking for an exciting and horny new videos to watch, Drill My Hole is uploading new videos everyday that are available for its members. This site has over 1,000 videos available in its archives. New scenes are uploaded to the archives every single day so that it’s members can enjoy something new at all times. The men available on this website have hot, muscled up bodies just like those that Men dot com have. In Private Property sexy film features Damien Crosse teaming up with dark and sexy Jake Wilder and muscled up Abel Pozsar.

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At the beginning of the scene, it picks up where Part 1 left off. There is no warming up to this hot video since it’s picking up where it left off. Right off you will get a close up of one of the three men stroking their hand up and down on their very hard, luxurious dick. Turns out the hot guy stroking himself is Jake Wilder. He is in the middle of a hot fantasy that is being dreamt up in his mind. Then video quickly turns to his fantasy to show us all exactly what we want to see. He’s laying in the bed when the other two men, Damien and Abel, enter the room to find him. Their large cocks are hard and ready to play. Their areas are completely shaved showing every inch of cock that is going to be used. The three men start rubbing baby oil on themselves and each other until they are completely slippery and shimmering from the oil. They rub each others bubble butt asses to see who has the best ass to fuck.

They quickly jump into action as they are all sucking on one others hard cocks to start a suck-fest. All the dicks are show during this scene to make it ever better for hungry men aching to wrap their mouths around these hard cocks. Jake continues his fantasy making each scene more in depth of what he’s aching for. After they all suck on each other, Jake gets in position to f***. He is down on his knees right in-between Abel and Damien. He offers his ass to Abel whom takes great pleasure into his bubble butt. Abel slowly slips his ever hard dick into Jake’s ass while in doggy-style. Each stroke gets harder and faster as he builds to find his release. While he is building his release, Jake is sucking on Damien’s erection getting him closer to his orgasim. Jake pushes his dick deep on long with each thrust that Abel is giving him.
After a few moments, the guys quickly change around so others can enjoy different pleasures. Damien quickly jumps to the excitement of getting a hold of Jake’s bubble but that he is offering. The two men take turns enjoying the pleasure of Jake’s hot ass before they release their build-up. Jake is the first to burst out his white, thick jizz. As Jake finds his release, Abel and Damien take their turn emptying their jizz all over Jake’s hot body. This three way is one of the hottest and most exciting videos to watch for those that fantasize about threesomes.

Drill My Hole With Damien Crosse and Mike Colucci

Even if you haven’t yet seen the other parts of these series, this scene in Bathhouse is awesome on its own. Two hunky, horny guys from Drill My Hole are in a car in an underground car park. Damien Crosse (using his ultra-sexy Vinny Jones accent) and super-sexy Mike Colucci are following a lead.Out of the car they find the voyeur’s lair. Not only has this person been spying on Damien, but there are photos of Damien everywhere. The sophisticated surveillance equipment and cameras make the whole scene creepy to our two hunks.

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As upsetting as it is, they stay because they know the voyeur must be on his way.Sure enough here he comes. It’s none other than Dato Foland. Damien and Mike confront Dato wanting explanations for this voyeurism. Just what does Dato want from Damien? Dato is no different than every other guy that lusts after Damien’s body – he wants sex with the stud. Dato promises Damien that he will stop watching and filming if he can only have what he desires. Damien and Mike are all for it.As with all Men.com scenes, this one builds slowly with a long, very hot scene. These three handsome, well-built males sensuously strip each other down, while their lips and mouths find pleasurable body parts to enjoy. Data gets to fulfill his dream as he plays middle man and sucks one hard shaft while gently stroking the other.

This back and forth play continues until Dato decides to get down on all fours and show of his smooth hard ass.Damien immediately begins rimming Dato’s tight hole, while Mike gets attention paid to his cock. Soon Damien is sliding his hard shaft deep into his stalker’s tight ass, while spit-roasting with Mike at the other end. This action continues for a bit and our two top guys swap positions. Everything builds to a very mess climax as our three gorgeous guys jerk-off together and shoot cum together. Dato shoots his load right onto a picture of Damien, fulfilling the last of his fantasies. In one final twist, Damien gives Dato a gift he will never forget. If you want to know what this gift is then you will have to watch the whole video for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Frederic Duris and Damien together kissing and fucking

If you love adult entertainment that gets your blood pumping, then you’ll really enjoy part four of the Cruising series by Frederic Duris. In part four, Gabe partners up with handsome and tattooed Damien Crosse. It begins with Frederic cruising the local bar scene in search of a young stud with the same thing on his mind; finding some action.

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As he enters a local bar, he notices a hot guy that he’s seen before but never spoken to. The guy turns out to be Damien, and tonight he’s drinking alone. Frederic sits next to Damien at the bar, and when he orders a beer for himself, he gets one for Damien to. Soon the guys are engaged in small talk, but they can feel the sexual tension between them. After the boys pound a couple more beers, Gabe takes a chance and places his hand on Damien’s thigh and slides it up near his cock and balls while keeping it hidden underneath the bar counter. He gives Damien’s thigh a squeeze extremely close to his cock and suggests that they take this party back to his place and the two lave together.

Back at Gabe’s place and after grabbing the two of them a beer, Gabe wastes no time and plants a kiss on Damien’s mouth while unzipping his pants, taking out his smooth semi-hard cock, and kneels down in front of him and begins slurping on the semi hard cock until it grows to full size while pulsating in and out of his mouth. He loves the flavor and smell of hot cock and balls in his face, mouth, and throat, and soon he manages to swallow Damien’s thick and rock hard member.
Damien’s head is spinning and he can barely stand the pleasure of his cock in Gabe’s warm and welcome mouth. He places his hands firmly at the back of Gabe’s head and forces his cock down his throat as deep as it will go. After moving his hips from side to side to fill the walls of Gabe’s throat and mouth, he pulls his now wet and slimy cock out of his throat and slaps him in the cheeks, nose, and all over his face before screwing his throat even more. Gabe had no idea that Damien was so rough, but he liked it and it made his cock hard.
Soon Damien returns the favor and while sucking Gabe’s long dick, he lubes up his middle finger with his spit and works up inside Gabe’s tight little asshole and moves it around to loosen it up for his hard, thick cock. Gabe shudders and his cock spurts out some pre-cum onto Damiens chin as he thinks about the big fat cock entering his tight ass. What ensues is one of the best ass poundings and cum-shot scenes that you’ll ever view.
Although this is part four of the Cruising Series, there is sure to be more hot scenes like this in the near future.

The Gay Office at Men.com with Damien Crosse and Goran

The Scene begins. Sitting in the the chair is the popular sex icon Damien Crosse, across from him sits the well-chiseled Damien Crosse. Both are dressed in their finest blue and black business suits elegantly tailored to fit their broad shoulders. Their faces are clean with well managed strips of facial hair, there eyes glisten with hunger and intent. The anonymous voyeur recounts this story as the plot of “The Hotel” unfurls its dark magic. Without a word, Damien is overtaken by the call to submit, and crawls pleadingly forward to Goran, his eyes firmly locked on the growing bulge in Goran’s pants.

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The voyeur and all background noise fade away as Damien releases Goran’s trapped monster and takes it deep in his mouth. They pull off all their clothes till their is nothing left but their taught young flesh and the sexy ornamentation of Damien’s tattoos. Grabbing Damien’s hips, Goran pulls his lover’s ass close and has him submissively wait on all fours as his ass is lubed up by an eager probing tongue. A gentle insertion, the passion and the pace quicken till there is nothing from frame to frame and from speaker to speaker than hardcore doggy-sytle fucking.

Action shifts to the bed where Goran tries to catch his breath as he drives into Damien’s ass like a well oiled piston. Damien removes his lover’s member, his asshole gaping, and hungrily climbs atop Goran’s firm hips. Damien in charge now, he has his lover lie back. With a grimace and a moan, he rests on Goran’s hard cock till it smooth slide ends again Goran’s shaved balls. They kiss passionately, tongue to tongue, as Goran supports his lover’s body with his toned muscles. Overtaken with his lust, Goran drives his hips up from beneath furiously and Damien can only hang on for dear life while he struggles to stay firmly atop this wild stallion.

Exhausted from their from their wild struggle, Goran lays Damien on his back as he gets ready to cum. With a strong grasp, Goran grabs Damien’s ankles and stretches him up an back, exposing his gaping pink asshole. Not yet finished with Damien’s little treasure, Goran drives in firm and deep till his face contorts and grimaces with the approaching orgasm. Lost in Goran’s eyes, Damien releases his own load all over his rebellious stomach tattoo. Goran takes the hint and pulling free his throbbing cock, he splashes all over Damien’s tattoo as well. The two lovers mix their cum as they hold each other and kiss in post coitus. The scene ends with the chilling but intimate realistic silence the scene began with.